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Building a Communications and Marketing Plan for Individual Incremental Credentials

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Step 5: Define Incremental Credentialing Messaging

Six-Step Approach

Step 5: Define Incremental Credentialing Messaging

Messaging is key in communicating the availability, features, and benefits of your incremental credential(s) to your defined audiences. What does your audience need to hear?

Create a list of key messaging points for your defined audiences.

These questions can guide your messaging:

Product/Course: How will this credential or program (product) meet the needs of your identified audiences? What makes this product different from others in the market?

Price/Cost: How much are you charging for this product? Is the price competitive? Is it realistic for your customers’ budget?

Promotion: How will you promote this course or program? What channels will you use?

People: Who (individuals and units) at your institution or organization plays a role in your communications and marketing strategy? How must you involve them in a successful marketing strategy?

Process: How will the course or program be delivered to your customer? Will they need special supports to be successful (e.g., wraparound services)?

Location: Where is your course or program displayed? How will customers produce visible evidence of your course? How will they enroll?

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