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Building a Communications and Marketing Plan for Individual Incremental Credentials

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Step 3: Analyze the Landscape/Marketplace

Six-Step Approach

Step 3: Analyze the Landscape/Marketplace

Other institutions and organizations are already developing and offering incremental credentials. You may not need to reinvent the wheel. Learn about their communications and marketing approaches as you design or improve your own. Ask these questions to guide your research:

  • What types of communications and marketing are being used by other institutions and organizations?
  • Who is taking on the major role of communications and marketing? Is it IT (for institution or program websites)? Instructional design staff? Communications staff? Continuing education units? Is the task outsourced to a public relations or marketing firm?
  • How do various organizations differ in their communications and marketing approaches?
  • What strategies and tactics have proven successful in getting the word out?
  • Do communications and marketing efforts differ among credential providers (e.g., community colleges, universities, third-party providers)? And among levels (non-credit, undergraduate, graduate level)?
  • What are the biggest challenges you likely will face in getting the word out, and how can you prepare to meet them?

Include an initiative on your template to indicate how you expect to compete in the target marketplace.


Initiative X expects to compete with other providers of incremental credentials through the following efforts:

Products we compete with: 


We have identified this institution’s course, what it does, and what it might do better than others such as: X, Y, Z.



Other ways we compete: 


This competitor has a blog that ranks highly on Google for many of the same keywords we would like to write content on:

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