Credential As You Go Co-Leads Nan Travers and Holly Zanville on EdUp Experience Podcast

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Practices: Partner As You Go

DEI and the Incremental Credentialing Framework

Practices: Partner As You Go

Partner As You Go credentials have become an increasingly popular option for individuals seeking work-focused credentials. These credentials are often developed in partnership with business/industry partners and can be integrated into credentialing pathways without a degree or certificate program. The goal is to integrate evaluated workplace learning, training, licenses, or certifications for academic recognition into an academic pathway, giving learners an opportunity to gain both academic and practical skills. Through partnerships with industries, learners can enter institutions as well as return to industry as highly skilled workers. The benefits of these incremental credentials include increased persistence and completion rates, reduced costs, and improved marketability.

One example of an institutional effort to make work-based learning programs more equitable can be seen at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, which audited and revamped its participant outreach and recruitment methods to achieve parity in participation among men from racially minoritized backgrounds.

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