Credential As You Go Co-Leads Nan Travers and Holly Zanville on EdUp Experience Podcast

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Practices: Learn As You Go

DEI and the Incremental Credentialing Framework

Practices: Learn As You Go

The features of Learn As You Go credentials promote more equitable outcomes, including the ability for credentials to stand on their own or be connected to other credentials. They can also target specific areas of employability and/or support nontraditional learners such as Black students seeking bachelor’s degrees—who are twice as likely as other bachelor’s students to have additional responsibilities as caregivers or full-time workers.

One example, Red Rocks Community College has launched the Infant/Toddler Childhood Certificate, offering college credit for demonstrated competency in the workplace for learners enrolled in the Child care Development Specialist Apprenticeship. This program benefits learners as it significantly reduces the time and cost of earning a college degree and it offers equitable access to higher education for underserved populations.

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