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Agenda for April 19th Affinity Group

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    Credential As You Go Network
    Affinity Group
    Embedding industry and other credentials into academic programs
    Agenda and summary document
    April 19, 2023
    3:00-4:00 p.m. EDT

    Co – Facilitators: Terryn Batiste and Melissa Goldberg
    Affinity Group Kickoff

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s affinity group on embedding industry and other credentials into academic programs. Here’s the agenda:

    Many Credential As You Go Network members have an interest in embedding industry credentials into or aligning them with academic programs. The purpose of this affinity group is to discuss opportunities and challenges and share models, case studies and resources to pave the way for bringing industry certifications into academic programs.

    Agenda Items:
    Hearing from attendees
    Why are you attending?
    What do you hope to gain from the affinity groups?
    Examples in action
    Terryn Batiste, Accreditation & Licensure/Certification Manager, Workforce, quality & Development, Houston Community College
    Plan for upcoming meetings

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