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Consumer Services and Collections Management Certificate

Pitt Community College


Consumer Services and Collections Management Certificate



14 credits


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Why the Credential Was Developed

  • During an Advisory Committee meeting with members of local business and industry last year, one employer expressed an interest in Consumer Services and Collections Management due to staffing needs. Other employer members agreed.
  • The credential was developed in collaboration with the Consumer Service and Collections department at ECU Medical Center. The goal was to help staffing needs at ECU Health Medical Center, which is one of the largest employers in the area, and to make it easier for our students to obtain an internship within the hospital’s department.
  • This certificate also emphasizes skills that employers expressed were needed in the modern healthcare office environment, including Microsoft Products, bookkeeping, consumer services, collection of revenue, knowledge of how a healthcare facility works, and creating spreadsheets.
  • ECU Medical Center is connected to the state through the academic pathway and ECU School of Medicine. Currently there are several positions open in this department and this shortage is anticipated to continue.  Students can also use this certificate in other areas of ECU Medical Center and other outside providers of care.  Regarding equity, we will accommodate different learning styles as we currently already do, incorporate student input, and assess student performance regularly to identify the need for more academic assistance.

How the Credential Was Developed

  • The Healthcare Management Technology Curriculum Coordinator collaborated with the Manager of Consumer Services Collection at ECU Medical Center to develop the certificate. Workforce needs were researched and confirmed. Approval was obtained through the Department Chair, Dean of the Business Division, and the NCCC System Office.
  • The certificate curriculum will be reviewed periodically by employers, through electronic communication, surveys, or at the annual Advisory Board Committee meeting. Enrollment and completion data will be reviewed by the Curriculum Coordinator through the year, during registration, graduation, and at the end of semesters.
  • Certificates are documented through college software. After the certificate has been earned the student will complete a graduation form and then the certificate will be mailed to the student.  The academic information will be held in the Registrar’s office.

The Targeted Learners

  • The targeted learner is adult learners (25+)
  • Credential information will be posted on the college website and in the catalog as a program of study. Information will be shared with other community colleges and 4-year institutions with which there are articulation agreements in place
  • Students will be supported through the Healthcare Management Technology Curriculum Coordinator, Student Support Services, and Tutorial and Academic Success Center

Lessons Learned

  • Working closely with the healthcare industry to determine staffing and training needs was critical.
  • Collecting the required evidence from employers and workforce development boards was important to demonstrate need for the certificate.
  • The importance of sharing these educational opportunities with others cannot be understated.

Top Competencies/Learning Outcomes

  • Provide quality customer service to all telephone and walk-in patients seeking assistance/ information via the insurance/ business office.
  • Evaluate incoming calls and correspondence to determine appropriate response to requests, inquiries, and complaints, and demonstrate customer service excellence.
  • Perform financial analysis on insured patient accounts to seek out unidentified third-party pay potential or financial assistance.

Credential Components

Courses in Microsoft Office, Healthcare Management, Medical Insurance, Bookkeeping, and Excel Spreadsheets

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