Credential As You Go Participant

Pitt Community College



Public Community College


Winterville, North Carolina



Implementation stage & efforts to date

Design Stage

  • Business Division
    • Business and Entrepreneurship Department: Entrepreneurship
    • Administrative and Healthcare Technologies Department: Office Administration
    • Computer Technologies Department: Technical Support Help Desk
  • Collaborating with business and industry partners to add certificates into existing degree programs that align with current workforce skills gap. These certificates are embedded within current degree programs and can be obtained as a standalone credential.
  • Examining the potential for microcredentials within current CTE programs.
  • Examining the potential for alternative credentialing (offering credit for industry-recognized credentials and experience.)

Goals for participation

  • Develop certificates that increase student employability and increase the likelihood that when exiting the college, learners have the skills necessary for employment.
  • Explore opportunities to embed industry-recognized certifications and microcredentials into existing degree programs.
  • Better organize and track certificate completers and develop a system for auto-awarding these credentials.
  • Map degree pathways from high school credit to certificate to degree completion to transfer (if applicable.)
  • Examine potential development of non-credit (CE) certificates.
  • Learn best practices regarding microcredentialing, alternative credit, incremental credentialing, etc. from other schools.

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