Credential As You Go Participant

University of Texas System



State System of Higher Education


Austin, Texas



Implementation stage & efforts to date

Design stage

  • Engaged in Phase 2 of a Beyond Completion grant awarded by Strada to expand the system-wide Texas Credentials for the Future Initiative, focused on infusing career readiness into the undergraduate experience by including relevant industry microcredentials and skills badges at no additional cost to learners

Goals for participation

  • Continue to focus on low-earning majors, while expanding efforts to include other majors in which significant post-graduation earnings disparities exist
  • Reach 30,000 students across the system’s eight academic institutions
  • Leverage Credential As You Go resources such as playbooks and policy examples to inform efforts
  • Broaden and deepen connections across a community of practice that will help facilitate implementation and scaling of microcredentials and digital badging programs

Improving Education and Employment Outcomes

Credential As You Go Video: Transforming the Nation's Credentialing System!