Credential As You Go Participant

Red Rocks Community College



Public community college


Lakewood, CO



Implementation stage & efforts to date

Early Implementation stage

  • Early Childhood apprenticeship pathway efforts for learners
  • Prior learning assessment developments
  • Integration efforts between noncredit and credit units
  • Participating in efforts to embed apprenticeship into traditional stackable certificate and degree programs (incremental credentialing).
  • Policy-setting at the state and/or institutional level


Goals for participation

  • Collaboratively work with Credential As You Go, and other members of the cohort, to collectively advance the efforts to transition from a degree-centric orientation toward an equitable and innovative approach to incremental credentialing.
  • Further develop industry partnerships to develop relevant workforce related learning credentials and mentoring opportunities.
  • Develop appropriate pathways for prior learning and competency-based credit transfer for early childhood education and potentially other career-technical education programs working with apprenticeships.

Improving Education and Employment Outcomes

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