Credential As You Go Participant

Montgomery County Community College




Blue Bell, Pennsylvania



Implementation stage & efforts to date Design Stage

  • Developing MontCo micro-credentials/badging system – a way to evaluate and credential  participation in prior work/life experiences, campus involvement events, integrated learning opportunities, on-boarding activities, academic coursework, LinkedIn Learning courses, and extra-curricular programming. 
  • These offerings will be mapped to strategically improve connections between the 21st century workforce, the mission of the College, academic programs of study learning outcomes, and program accreditation standards (if any), to positively impact the student experience at MontCo.
Goals for 


  • Further the partnerships of Student Services, Academic Affairs and Educational Effectiveness and Workforce to enrich student learning and development
  • Develop framing language to identify the related system categories on the map 
  • Academic Affairs and Student Affairs will pull together outside resources to compliment the programs of study
  • Develop the system and schedule to assess the students’ acquisition of the enriched knowledge and power skills that result in a micro-credential/badge in the system

Improving Education and Employment Outcomes

Credential As You Go Video: Transforming the Nation's Credentialing System!