Credential As You Go Participant

Huntington Junior College




Huntington, West Virginia



Implementation stage & efforts to date Design stage

  • This is a small institution implementing a credential-as-you-go model in January 2023.
  • Beginning in 2023, new students will earn a certificate in Business Fundamentals after completing the first 37 credits common to all Business Management tracks. They can follow with a certificate in accounting or entrepreneurship before completing an associate’s degree, demonstrating mastery in essential areas.
  • Also, beginning in 2023, all AAS degrees at HJC will share four General Education courses, earning a Civics Certificate on their way to their associate’s degree.
Goals for 


  • Learn from the CAYG community about next steps. 
  • Provide market-relevant stackable certificates as students progress toward an associate’s degree; offer valuable short-term credentials leading to jobs.
  • Learn about the relationship between incremental credentialing (from micro-credentials to certificates to degrees) and financial aid. 
  • Learn about Competency-Based Education + incremental credentialing.

Improving Education and Employment Outcomes

Credential As You Go Video: Transforming the Nation's Credentialing System!