Credential As You Go Participant

Cleveland State University



Public research university


Cleveland, Ohio



Implementation stage & efforts to date

Full implementation stage

  • Policy-setting at the state and/or institutional level 
  • Pathway efforts for learners 
  • Prior learning assessment developments
  • Data collection to incorporate non-degree data into campus and/or state data systems
  • Planning efforts to move into incremental credentialing
  • Participating in projects addressing alternative credentialing
  • Participating in efforts to embed industry certification into traditional degree program
  • Working with third party groups or intermediaries

Goals for participation

University already offers extensive non-credit, retraining, and upskilling industry microcredentials. Now moving into non-credit to credit pathways, and will expand into microcredentials for high school students and alternative pathway micro-credentials.  Have committed to adding essential human, power, and soft skills to our microcredentialing framework. Being part of CAYG will allow us to contribute our knowledge to this emerging area in higher education, while learning how to expand and improve our current microcredential efforts.

Improving Education and Employment Outcomes

New Reports Share Innovations in Credentialing