Credential As You Go Participant

Bryan University



Private for-profit university


Tempe, Arizona



Implementation stage & efforts to date

Early implementation stage

  • Pathway efforts for learners 
  • Planning efforts to move into incremental credentialing 
  • Participating in efforts to embed industry  certification into traditional degree program, 
  • Working with third party groups or intermediaries

Goals for participation

  • Fully leverage CAYG Framework into BU’s career- focused, stacked model. The infrastructure and mindset for embracing many aspects of the Framework are established but BU seeks to join a larger think tank, network of schools, and industry partners to help envision a more holistic model. We have a strong design for ‘stacking as you go’, ‘adding as you go’, and ‘transfer as you go’, but have room for improvement. We see new opportunities in two more  areas: ‘ partnering as you go’ and ‘retro as you go’.
  • Create database to inventory incremental credentials as well as track student achievement rates. Identification of new credentials, both curricular and co- curricular, that are workforce related and high value proposition for students. 
  • Further develop industry partnerships to develop relevant workforce related learning credentials and mentoring opportunities. 
  • Develop appropriate pathways for prior learning and competency-based credit transfer. 
  • Nano-badges and microcredentials (curricular): smaller chunks of learning achievement at course, assignment, and learning outcomes level that bridge to accreditation standards while aligning with employable skills.

Improving Education and Employment Outcomes

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