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General Management: Accounting & Excel


General Management: Accounting & Excel





10 credits


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Why the Credential Was Developed

  • The fulltime New Start for Women program offers the General Management Certificate as its primary curriculum; however, many women who are working cannot attend during the day or full time. The program expanded by dividing the certificate through three microcredential (Accounting & Excel, Business Law & Communication, and Management Skills) and offering it part-time in the evening at the Kingston Center to reach more women within the community.
  • Taking the General Management Certificate as three microcredentials on a part-time basis will extend time to completion, but also provides more opportunities for women who cannot attend fulltime during the day.
  • Each microcredential provides formal evidence of skills that learners can bring to the marketplace to help with job searching, networking, volunteer efforts, and community service to gain further experiences. They also build back into the General Management Certificate. Learners will be awarded a digital badge through Accredible to represent the microcredential that they can use in their LinkedIn profile and resume.

How the Credential Was Developed

  • The part-time, evening program was developed in conjunction with SUNY Ulster New Start for Women The three microcredentials were developed to provide shorter credentials that lead to the General Management Certificate. Each address entry-level management skills needed in the workplace.
  • The college’s microcredential governance process was used for approval, which includes approvals through the Department, Curriculum Committee, VPAA, and President.

The Targeted Learners

  • The program targets women from the community currently working wanting to increase their general management skills (this microcredentials has a focus in accounting and Excel). The program also targets current students in the New Start for Women program, Business and Entrepreneurial Studies program, or Individualized Studies program.
  • Learners will learn of the program though college marketing, business faculty, and internal messaging.
  • The New Start for Women program is highly supportive of its learners and provides academic advising, career services, and internships.

Lessons Learned

  • The goal is to increase motivation and persistence by breaking the General Management Certificate into microcredentials to provide students with evidence of skills they can bring to the marketplace while they are completing their credential.

Top Competencies/Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss management in the context of organizational dynamics and the community
  • Develop proficiency of technical tools used in business and organizations
  • Discuss and demonstrate foundational accounting and legal principles
  • Evaluate sound principles of organizational success through people, organizational culture, theories and practice of management
  • Develop and enhance written and verbal communication skills

Credential Components

Three courses: Computer Applications in Business, Spreadsheets for Business, Principles of Accounting

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