Credential As You Go Organization Case Study

Apprenticeship with Indium Corporation

SUNY Mohawk Valley Community College

Credential Title

Apprenticeship with Indium Corporation

Academic Program

Mechatronics and Electrical Service Technician

Stage of Development


Credit/Non-credit # of credits (if credit bearing)

9 credits

Length of Credential

42 weeks

Types of Partnerships


Incremental Credentialing Framework Approaches

  • Learn As You Go
  • Stack As You Go
  • Partner As You Go

Top Competencies/Learning Outcomes

  • Apply basic mathematics to the solution of problems, develop understanding of basic measuring instruments and their uses, and develop an understanding of theoretical AC & DC Electricity.
  • Read and interpret basic industrial diagrams and blueprints that include international standard symbols and drawing practices.
  • Read, analyze, and use technical documents such as spreadsheets, basic fluid power schematics, industrial prints, electrical schematics, and other drawings showing the basic components of a mechatronic system.
  • Apply basic troubleshooting techniques to various industrial manufacturing systems.

Credential Components

ET127—Modern Industrial Practices, ET101—Technical Electricity 1, ET102—Technical Electricity 2

Why the Credential was Developed

  • The credential was developed to fulfill the mandatory related technical instruction for Indium Corporation’s Industrial Manufacturing Technology (IMT) apprenticeship program.
  • Upon completion of the IMT apprenticeship, individuals receive a portable journey-worker credential and 9-credits of advanced standing toward MVCC’s Mechatronics and Electrical Service Technician programs.

How the Credential was Developed

  • The curriculum development was a collaboration between MVCC faculty and representatives from Indium Corporation.
  • Classes are taught in an Indium-run technical training location by MVCC faculty.

The Targeted Learners

  • The learners are apprentices with Indium Corporation, and they are directed into the credential because it is a required component of their apprenticeship program.
  • Since the courses are restricted to Indium apprentices, the College can maintain intrusive, just-in-time supports to ensure learning and completion.
  • To date, the College has onboarded 1-cohort with 100% retention into the second course.

Improving Education and Employment Outcomes

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