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Please provide 1-4 bullets. Why did you develop the credential? What are some of the drivers? How can the credential be utilized? What are the benefits to the student? The institution? Partners? Who are the partners and how are you working with these partners? How does it connect to state, system, and institutional levels? E.g., policies, initiatives, and legislation? How does it meet workforce needs? How did you consider equity throughout this process?
How did you develop the credential and who was involved? What was the approval process? How are pathways (education and employment pathways) considered, integrated and developed? How is quality and trust ensured in the credential? How is the credential documented and shared (e.g. transcription, digital platform, credential engine registry)?
Who are the learners? How will they learn about the credential? How will the learners be supported?
What lessons did you learn that you can share while you developed, implemented, and launched this credential?

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