New Playbook: Incremental Credentialing in Graduate Education

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Informing ongoing development and feasibility of the Incremental Credentialing Framework

Feasibility Overview

Evidence relating to the feasibility of the Framework at the institution level is collected through qualitative means (focus groups, interviews, and surveys) from participants opting in from (1) the National Credential As You Go Advisory Board, (2) the State Coordinating Teams, or the (3) Institutional Academic Teams associated with each of the three states in the study.


Assessing promise for generating the intended learning outcomes

Outcomes Reports

Priority 2

Moving from a Degree-Centric Postsecondary System to an Incremental Credentialing System: What Happens to Learners’ Financing Options?

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Priority 2

Credential As You Go – Mapping Key Learn-and-Work Ecosystem Initiatives/Alliances Research Brief

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For Researchers

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