Building Incremental Credentials

Implementation Phase – Developing Access

Implementation strategies are critical to ensure that learners can gain access to and complete the credential(s). Implementation includes marketing, communication, infrastructure, learner supports, and processes. 

  • What are the marketing strategies for the credential(s)? Who are the targeted audiences? Who are the targeted learners? How is information on the credential(s) made available, easily discoverable, and transparent to all constituents? How are awareness and value of the credential(s) portrayed to different constituents? How are learners recruited? How do learners understand the credential(s) and the processes necessary to pursue them?
  • How does communication play a role in raising awareness of the credential(s)’ value? How is this shared with internal and external constituents? How are processes communicated to constituents?
  • What infrastructure must be in place to ensure viability and sustainability of the credential(s)? What is the business model for the credential(s)? How are implementation costs covered? What expenses are shifted to the learner? What steps are taken to minimize impact on disadvantaged groups of learners?
  • What is the staffing model for the credential(s)? Who delivers the instructional components of the credential(s)? Who supports the learners in the process? Who supports the administrative aspects of the credential(s)?
  • What technologies are needed to support the learning acquired in pursuit of the credential(s)? How do these technologies support learners and those who help deliver the credential(s)? How can technology help maintain checks and balances throughout the workflow?
  • How are learners’ outcomes and engagement tracked and applied to the credential(s)? How are the data collected and stored? How are the data entered within a learner record, transcribed, and made available to the learner?
  • How are learners supported throughout the credential(s)? What types of credential pathways and career planning are in place for learners? How are these connected to the credential(s)?

Improving Education and Employment Outcomes

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