Six-Step Approach

Step 1: Define Initiatives and Goals

An institution can use the following template to define various initiatives and establish messaging and marketing goals for incremental credentials—both individual credentials and credential pathway programs. An institution that is developing a broad strategy for incremental credentialing may have several initiatives in mind. One that is focusing its communications strategy on a single incremental credential will likely have fewer initiatives to message and market. Each initiative should include: a description of the initiative’s focus, a clearly defined goal (s), and at least one metric to measure success.


Initiative X will use blogs and other written social media content to market incremental credential(s) to our students (current, prospective, former) and their family members.



Example: Over the next 12 months, we’ll build a blog property that becomes a go-to resource for our students’/parents’ burning questions—and our main source of leads each month.

Define goal(s)

for the



Example: To increase our website’s rank on Google and create critical top-of-the-funnel marketing content that helps our academic team start more conversations with prospective students and parents.

Identify metrics to measure success


Example: 50,000 organic page views per month / 10 content downloads per month.


Improving Education and Employment Outcomes

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