Building a Communications and Marketing Plan for Individual Incremental Credentials


There are many challenges to effective communications and marketing in incremental credentialing. For institutions and organizations in this area, those challenges can include:   

  • How to title and describe a non-degree credential (increasingly known as a microcredential). Without clear and sufficient information about the credential, learners and employers will be confused, and the communications and marketing is likely to be ineffective.  
  • If learners and employers don’t see the credential as high-quality, all the marketing in the world won’t convey trust in the new credentials.
  • There are many competing priorities on campuses. This often puts non-degree or microcredentials well down on the list for marketing attention. 
  • New credentials often compete with traditional certificate and degree programs, and various groups on campus may lack the commitment to market all credentials equally. 
  • Ways to make the content of credentials look attractive and communicate well to learners and employers through the many marketing approaches available (social media, websites, newsletters, posters, etc.)
  • Faculty members typically are not marketers. Communications staff are needed to help get the word out. 
  • Staffing challenges are significant; many offices are short-staffed, and turnover is often high.
  • Principles of good practice in marketing new credentials are vital to success, but they are too seldom identified. 

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