Credential As You Go Participant

Western Colorado Community College



need type


Grand Junction, Colorado



Full implementation stage

  • Pathway efforts for learners 
  • Prior learning assessment developments
  • Data collection to incorporate non-degree data into campus and/or state data systems
  • Planning efforts to move into incremental credentialing
  • Participating in projects addressing alternative credentialing 
  • Participating in efforts to embed industry certification into traditional degree program 
Add incremental credentialing to complement current programs (apprenticeships, tuition reimbursement, scholarships, concurrent enrollment with high schools) that are designed for workforce readiness, help students enter the workforce more quickly, and help industry partners with their need for 21st century employees. Once students have achieved success through incremental credentialing, they will have the confidence to continue their educational journey and obtain an associates or bachelor’s degree to give them more options to advance in their careers.

Improving Education and Employment Outcomes

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