Credential As You Go Co-Leads Nan Travers and Holly Zanville on EdUp Experience Podcast

Participant Profile


University of Missouri – St. Louis



St. Louis, Missouri



Implementation stage & efforts to date Early implementation stage 

  • Policy-setting at the state and/or institutional level 
  • Pathway efforts for learners 
  • Planning efforts to move into incremental credentialing
  • Working with third party groups or intermediaries 
Goals for 


  • Goal is to expand the Show Me Literacies Collaborative model and fully implement incremental credentialing using the CAYG Framework, specifically ‘learn as you go,’ and ‘stack as you go.’ Using the Framework to create a model for the university and the state will serve to expand the use of an incremental credentialing system to other initiatives that include expanding the teacher pipeline for adults who do not have a bachelor’s degree. This is  critical given significant staff shortages in the public school  system.
  • The College of Education, with partners at Participate, Inc., has designed an online community of practice to support the Show Me Literacies Collaborative. The Collaborative provides multiple pathways for PK-12 teachers to pursue digital badges, graduate credit, or reading certification through University of Missouri system universities. Educators engage in learning experiences including online courses and face-to- face workshops that provide opportunities to earn digital badges. The professional development is aimed to address staff shortage in public school systems. This model is particularly effective to upskill working teachers to ensure every student has access to highly qualified educators and  to expand the teacher pipeline. 
  • The Show Me Literacies online community launched May 2022 with 20 webpages of resources on topics, online courses and digital credentials including, Missouri Learning Standards, Digital Literacy, Family and Community Literacy, Word Study, and more for PK-12 teachers.
  • Teachers can also earn digital badges and microcredentials through the National Writing Project’s Teaching Argument Writing project and through the creation of a Department of Elementary and Secondary Education-recognized reading badging system. 

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