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National Writing Project




Berkeley, California



Implementation stage & efforts to date Early implementation stage

  • Over the past two years, NWP has focused on developing learning pathways and digital credentials for their Teaching Argument Writing project developed through the College, Career, and Community Writers Program (C3WP) funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Each credential has evidence of practice and includes a unique feature that integrates feedback from an NWP mentor.
  • The current learning pathways and credentials are designed so that teachers can select from a range of entry points for teaching argument writing based on their needs and the needs of their students. Currently, NWP has 14 online courses for teachers to select from as they design their own learning pathway.
Goals for 


  • NWP would like to expand this work by using the Credential As You Go Framework focused on the Learn as You Go and Stack as You Go components to improve existing digital credentials and increase adoption of incremental credentials through integration of key components of the Credential as You Go framework.

Improving Education and Employment Outcomes

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