Credential As You Go Co-Leads Nan Travers and Holly Zanville on EdUp Experience Podcast

Participant Profile


Elon University



Private university


Elon, North Carolina



Implementation stage & efforts to date

Early implementation stage

  • Policy-setting at the state and/or institutional  level 
  • Planning efforts to move into incremental credentialing
  • Participating in projects addressing alternative credentialing 
  • Participating in efforts to embed industry  certification into traditional degree program
  • Working with third-party groups or intermediaries

Goals for participation

Project 1: Digital Badging and Comprehensive Learner Profile 

  • Goal is to have a comprehensive learner record (CLR).  eCredential is one way for students to  show their experiences other than their studies (study abroad, internships, research, leadership, service learning). Aim is to have microcredentials  as well, and put all into a comprehensive learner profile. Our pilot program for digital badging program includes 3 official standalone badges, through Credly. A central location for microcredentialing information is coming to the Registrar’s Office. Plan is also to get badges to stackable level, creating minors into certificate so students have tangible record of  minor; and creating concrete comprehensive learner profile. 

Project 2: Innovations in Teacher Certification Models

  • To expand access to all teachers, Elon’s School of Education collaborated with the Chapel Hill Carrboro (NC) School District and Participate, Inc. to transform the teacher certification path into incremental credentials that could be used for both graduate credit toward certification (issued by Elon) and continuing education credits (CEUs formally issued by school district). Model will be expanded to other programs and integrate several aspects of CAYG Framework (‘learn as you go’, ‘retro as you  go’, ‘stack as you go)’. Work will consider how educators can document the expertise they have through the everyday practice of teaching and how this could be stacked with professional learning available through universities and the school district.

Associated Case Studies

Improving Education and Employment Outcomes