Credential As You Go Co-Leads Nan Travers and Holly Zanville on EdUp Experience Podcast

Participant Profile


Colorado State University, Pueblo



Public postsecondary undergraduate and graduate institution


Pueblo, Colorado



Implementation stage & efforts to date 

In development: 

  • Data gathered on students who have completed the courses required for three certificates
    • Once identified, qualified students will be offered the appropriate certificate and that conferral will go on student record 
  • The Marketing and Recruitment departments are working on outreach to offer these new credentials to encourage students to re-enroll and continue toward degree completion
  • CSU-P is piloting this model for these three certificates with the intention of identifying other opportunities in other departments

Goals for participation  

  • Develop a prototype for capturing opportunities for students who have completed course work but haven’t been recognized for the work 
  • Expand this practice to other programs 
  • Develop new credentials that address workforce upskilling and reskilling needs and use those as a re-enrollment strategy to encourage learners to return to school and/or as a retention strategy offering shorter term recognition as students move through their programs

Associated Case Studies

Construction Procurement Certificate

Construction Safely, Law, & Management

Estimating & Planning Construction Costs Certificate

Construction Project Manager Certificate

Improving Education and Employment Outcomes