Moving from a Degree-Centric Postsecondary System to an Incremental Credentialing System: What Happens to Learners’ Financing Options?

Participant Profile


Colorado State University, Pueblo



Public postsecondary undergraduate and graduate institution


Pueblo, Colorado



Implementation stage & efforts to date 

In development: 

  • Data gathered on students who have completed the courses required for three certificates
    • Once identified, qualified students will be offered the appropriate certificate and that conferral will go on student record 
  • The Marketing and Recruitment departments are working on outreach to offer these new credentials to encourage students to re-enroll and continue toward degree completion
  • CSU-P is piloting this model for these three certificates with the intention of identifying other opportunities in other departments

Goals for participation  

  • Develop a prototype for capturing opportunities for students who have completed course work but haven’t been recognized for the work 
  • Expand this practice to other programs 
  • Develop new credentials that address workforce upskilling and reskilling needs and use those as a re-enrollment strategy to encourage learners to return to school and/or as a retention strategy offering shorter term recognition as students move through their programs

Associated Case Studies

Surveying and Modeling Certificate

Surveying and Modeling Certificate is designed to provide extensive and comprehensive knowledge in land surveying and civil drafting that is required for the construction industry.

Construction Project Manager Certificates

The Construction Project Manager Certificate is designed to provide extensive and comprehensive knowledge in controlling and mentoring, planning and management that is required for the construction industry.

Homeland Secruity Studies Certificate

The certificate in Homeland Security was designed by faculty to provide students with an opportunity for introductory level study of real world political and public policy issues involved in prevention and response to natural and man-made disasters and events.

Construction Safety, Law, and Management Certificate

Estimating & Planning Construction Costs Certificate

Improving Education and Employment Outcomes