Credential As You Go Participant

American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)



Professional Member Association


Chicago, Illinois



Implementation Stage & Efforts to Date

Full implementation stage

  • Currently offers 8 stackable certifications, three are current National Commission for Certifying
    Agencies (NCCA) accredited, two align with academic attainment, and others align with work
    experience and/or academic attainment.
  • Has a well-established structure, policy and process framework for validated design,
    development, deployment, evaluation, and maintenance of industry recognized certifications.

Goals for Participation

  • Expand their offerings so that individuals have greater access to resources that build and/or
    demonstrate their competency and skill sets that align with those that employers demand.
  • Goal to scale their policy and process framework to develop microcredentials and formative
    assessment tools that validate appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies required in an
    ever-changing space of healthcare and technology.
  • Envision a future state where individual learners will have opportunities to gain knowledge, skills
    and competencies via various routes verified via credentials and can elect to follow a myriad of
    pathways to enhance their learning and earning potential.

Improving Education and Employment Outcomes

Credential As You Go Video: Transforming the Nation's Credentialing System!