Credential As You Go Organization Case Study

Office Administration Fundamentals Certificate

Pitt Community College

Credential Title

Office Administration Fundamentals Certificate

Credential Level


Academic Program

Office Administration

Stage of Development

In Development

Credit/Non-credit # of credits (if credit bearing)


Length of Credential

16 weeks

Incremental Credentialing Framework Approaches

  • Learn As You Go
  • Stack As You Go

Top Competencies/Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate basic computing skills
  • Utilize data processing terms
  • Create and edit documents using word processing applications
  • Create and edit spreadsheets using spreadsheet applications
  • Design and create presentations using multimedia software
  • Develop understanding of time management, cultural awareness, financial goals, code of ethics, business etiquette, and personal appearance
  • Demonstrate understanding of filing documents and records according to alphabetic, numeric, subject, and geographic methods of filing
  • Detect problems and apply rules of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure

Credential Components

  • Five courses:
    • OST 131 Keyboarding
    • OST Office Applications 1
    • OST 164 Office Editing
    • OST 184 Records Management
    • OST 286 Professional Development

Why the Credential was Developed

  • The decisions to develop this credential was based on student demand for accelerated study in core office software competencies
  • This credential will help students and active employees gain knowledge and specific skills in office software
  • The fast-paced progression will give students the opportunity to advance to a future job and it will give active employees the opportunity to update their skills using a faster approach than the traditional method of higher education
  • This credential meets the workforce need by shortening the time required for employees to reskill in the office administration areas

How the Credential was Developed

  • The credential was developed based on current course offerings in the Office Administration program
  • Fellow faculty members and other Advisory Committee members were involved in the development of the credential
  • The credential was added as a new certificate to the Office Administration Program of Study and submitted for approval at the local school level then at the state level

The Targeted Learners

  • The targeted learners will be our current students who want to fast track through the beginning of their Office Administration program of study
  • Other targeted learners will be from local businesses who have employees who wish to quickly brush up on their office administration skills
  • We will advertise the credential through our courses and enlist the help of our marketing department to promote the credential throughout the community. We will also post on our media outlets

Lessons Learned

  • What was learned during this process was that even though we see a great need and benefit for this credential, we must have the proper resources and support to promote and make the credential a success
  • This process was a reminder that we must support our students and fellow faculty members to ensure that our students are successful in their programs of study – it takes all of us to implement change

Improving Education and Employment Outcomes

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