Credential As You Go Organization Case Study

Construction Safety, Law, and Management Certificate

Colorado State University, Pueblo

Credential Title

Construction Safety, Law, and Management Certificate

Credential Level


Academic Program

Construction Management

Stage of Development

In development

Credit/Non-credit # of credits (if credit bearing)

10 credits

Length of Credential

24 weeks

Types of Partnerships


Incremental Credentialing Framework Approaches

  • Learn As You Go
  • Retro As You Go

Top Competencies/Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate effectively regarding subjects related to construction activities
  • Function effectively as members or leaders on construction teams

Credential Components

  • Construction Management and Civil Engineering Technology CM 101
  • Construction Management CET 303
  • Construction Law CM 461
  • Construction Safety CM 445

Why the Credential was Developed

  • Construction Safety, Law, and Management Certificate is designed to provide extensive and comprehensive knowledge in safety procedures and OSHA, contract interpretation and code, planning and management that is required for the construction industry
  • The program focuses on learners with and entry-level or working knowledge of the construction industry, with the purpose of advancing the student in construction safety, legal aspects and management processes and procedures

How the Credential was Developed

  • Construction management faculty designed the credential to serve students and employees looking for estimating and planning skills separate from a full degree
  • The certificate is also available for students who left the institution with completed coursework but no degree
  • The credential is recorded on a student’s transcript when conferred. A certificate document is also provided to the student

The Targeted Learners

  • Learners with interest in the construction industry
  • Employees in the construction industry looking to move into management
  • Previous students with some completed coursed in Construction Management, but not a completed degree
  • Courses are available both in-person and online

Lessons Learned

  • There needs to be a collaborative effort and lift from many different areas on campus: administration, faculty, advising, registrar, admission, to make this as seamless an option for students to opt-in

Improving Education and Employment Outcomes

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