Improving Education and Employment Outcomes For All Learners

Moving to a nationally adopted incremental credentialing ecosystem that improves education and employment outcomes through an array of credentials, including degrees, that document what learners know and can do  

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Credential As You Go

The Credential As You Go initiative is rethinking the credentialing model in the United States by examining how learners could gain quality credentials as they move through higher education, rather than the current four-tiered degree system.  

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Our Research

Research is a key component of the Credential As You Go initiative. The purpose of the research component is to assess the promise of system- and institution-level policies and processes as they translate into implementation of incremental credentials to further targeted, meaningful postsecondary learner outcomes.  

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Moving the Needle

To transform the U.S. legacy degree system to a nationally recognized incremental credentialing system, Credential As You Go focuses on nine bodies of work


Incremental Credentialing Framework

The incremental credentialing process formally credentials learning that individuals acquire along the way so that they can be recognized for employment and further education. The six approaches provide ways to develop and implement incremental credentials.

Retro Award As You Go

Incremental credentials are awarded for learning already acquired, not yet credentialed.

Learn As You Go

Incremental credentials stand on their own, connected or unconnected to a degree, to prepare individuals for upskilling, reskilling, or developing new skills in workplace areas.

Add As You Go

Incremental credentials are obtained for specializations that add to a degree or employment path (could be credit or non-credit); may not necessarily be planned as part of the path.

Stack As You Go

Incremental credentials add together or stack into larger credentials including degrees, which are planned within credentialing paths.

Transfer As You Go

Incremental credentials are designed to transfer across institutions, and can be a potential cost-sharing mechanism (students cross-register to another institution for a specialty unavailable at the home institution).

Partner As You Go

Incremental credentials prepare for and include field-expected credentials for work, as well as work-related credentials that are accepted into credentialing paths, developed in conjunction with business/industry partner(s).

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Improving Education and Employment Outcomes

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